The EVT Band
The EVT Band

La Orilla Del Mar

album: Más y Más
genre: Latin Indie
streams: 26

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La orilla del mar Ayer me fui caminando por la orilla del marMe recordé de esos días se me fueron volando En esos tiempos yo creía que yo sabía mucho de...
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Ivette Torres-Albano - Lyrics, vocals, guitar, keyboard, recording Tom Albano - Bass Gary Settoducato - Drums Roby - Claps Ron Caparto RJ Caps - Lead...
La Orilla Del Mar
Gary Shukoski
10/02/16 09:52:05AM @gary-shukoski:
This is very upbeat and happy. Rockin my Sunday morning!
10/01/16 11:47:15PM @the-evt-band:
Thanks David! I appreciate that :)
10/01/16 07:21:09PM @david-c-deal:

Those harmonies are so dang clean.. you are such a good vocalist Ivette. Quite the toe tapper!

10/01/16 02:05:15PM @the-evt-band:
Thanks for listening and leaving a comment @ronbowes glad you like it :)
10/01/16 01:57:04PM @ronbowes:

Great track. Great performance. Thoroughly enjoyed.


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