The Full Quid
The Full Quid

Nobody Wants to

album: next one
genre: Acoustic Rock
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Something dark has come over usA cloud on a windless day Theres dust falling through the cracks Of the roof  worn from years of  decayEating away There’s...
Nobody Wants to
Farrell Jackson
08/02/11 01:59:47PM @farrell-jackson:
I like all the instrumentation that you've added to this this. The pull back is great to let us re-focus our ears, readying for the chorus. Good vocal work also. Yes I like it!


08/01/11 11:42:07AM @lodato:
Good ideas on this fine tune. I like the live feel to the sound.
07/31/11 04:31:36PM @chris-moore:
Like this track! Something really inventive in this, the layers and the little musical alleys it takes you through. Complex kind of song but great to listen to, those vocals behind the chorus are really cool.
Gonna give this one 5/5, great work.


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