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CD baby

By wilberry, 2010-01-07

<p><a href=&quot;"></a></p><p>final versions of 16 songs on CD baby as MP3 downloads</p>

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By wilberry, 2009-08-09

<p>PETER BUFFET ,</p><p>an aqaintence , son of Warren Buffet , has been a pioneer in Recording , New Age music , Home recording technolgy and an oustanding musican/ composer for over 28 years .&nbsp; I used to listen to him play the piano&nbsp; years ago . Pleae check out these sites if you enjoy NEW AGE ELECTRONIC AND POP music</p><p><a href=&quot;"></a></p><p>Peter looks forward to having a space where he can interact, debut new songs and videos, host live webchats, as well as get to know you, the fans! It's by invitation only, so if you are interested in joining the community, please go to <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color: #063e3f;"> </span></a>to request your invite!<br /><br />To celebrate the launch, we'll be putting up new content and material consistently over the next few weeks (in fact he already has a brand new song up now!), so be sure to check back often and let us know what you think.</p><p>cheers</p><p>THE FULL QUID</p>


By wilberry, 2009-07-17

<p>&nbsp;It seems these days every time I turn on the radio someone has passed away . Recently I can't turn on CNN because of a certain music ICON that died and won't get off the news ! yesterday I heard it on NPR as&nbsp;I was driving through west Texas " Walter Cronkite " has died at the age of 92. Now that is old I thought . What a life he must have had.</p><p>&nbsp; It was late july 1969 , I friend and&nbsp;I had just returned from our local swimming pool where we had spent the entire day admiring the newest fashion fad called the " Bikini " , new to us anyway as that summer suddenly sparked our interest in the opposite sex.</p><p>&nbsp; When we walked in the front door everyone was gathered around a 13 inch Zenith black and white TV . That was the only Tv we had in a 3 story victorian home built in 1900 in the middle of Omaha Nebraska . " what are you watching ?"&nbsp;I asked .&nbsp;" They are landing on the moon " one of my sisters replied .</p><p>&nbsp; Everyone was together , not fighting, not insulting, not picking at each other as kids usually do. We all just watched in amazement . How did they get Tv on the moon ? I thought . Then came Uncle WALTER . The man who bored me day after day with the news from Vietnam . I just wanted to get through the news and watch something funny.&nbsp; Walter was smiling and he wiped a tear from his eye . He was momentarily speechlees , giddy like a kid my age .</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp; This must be really an important moment I thought . I am going to remember this summer for a long time ....</p>

Paul Mc Cartney

By wilberry, 2009-07-11
Paul Mc Cartney

<p>Paul McCartney last night Nova Scotia 7-11-09</p>


By wilberry, 2009-07-10

<p>what is that magical age when you reach it you become invisible ? As a man you notice things , inside your self you feel 25 but girls of 25 do not want to have a coversation with you. Old friends ignore your e-mails. No one bothers to call you anymore even if you call them a few times a year. " out of site out of mind' is the old saying.</p><p>&nbsp;People you have known all your life refuse to listen to your MP3 's that you send or CD 's that you carefully mail , they sit collecting dust&nbsp;on some kitchen cabinet or office table. Even friends you have made in more recent times no longer listen to your songs they become too involved in their own trials and tribulations . They instictively know you have reac hed the age of irrelavance .</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp; tell them about a new web site where you have a lot of new songs and it becomes to difficult for them to find your page . Send them a direct link and maybe they will click on it maybe not .</p><p>Music means many things too many people in many different ways . Un fourtunately so does life . when you reach that magic age of irrelavence it can at first be a shock but such is life . In a society that worships the very young you just don't have a place anymore . Your music is " old timey "</p><p>&nbsp;Your thoughts , your insights are drowned &nbsp;in a sea of new want&nbsp;to be talents . Your only hope is live performance for a few straggling old timers that clap enthusiasticaslly and then shuffle back to their closets until the next years wine festival.</p><p>&nbsp; What is that magical age when life looses its wonder and becomes a series of plodding events leading to invisibilty ?</p>


By wilberry, 2007-12-31

what is happening ?
I think Tay Zonday has found the answer : advertise : write songs no matter how goofy about specific products . " Chocolate rain " was this song written about Chocolate cherry Dr pepper ?
This kid could be a comic genius , the original video does not have the Dr pepper bottle in it , later on the next video is an obvious commercial . He also did a rap song about Turbo tax , not sure if the TURBO TAX guys have picked this one up . Anyway he must have got paid something for " Chocolate rain and the verzion commercial .
So should I spend the time performing and scrimping and saving for a broad cast quaility Cd that a may sell enough copies of to break even OR by a web camera and make really strange songs about products I like with awful lyrics that point to the virtues of " Shiner Bock beer ",
" Yukon jack whiskey ", " Martin tires " , Hot Pockets " and " Delimex chicken taquitos " ?

cheers 2008

Dennis Logan and The Infidels

By wilberry, 2008-05-02

This is one of the links to an Aqaintence DENNIS LOGAN , his current release is great. If you like Topical, political , protest and that kind of lyrics , this is great music.
He draws on his influences like Dylan,Tom Petty, Roger Mcguinn, John Hiatt, Traveling Wibury's ,Dire Straights, Steve Earle, basically just good straight ahead rock n roll , Folk-rock, Country -rock.
The name of the CD is S.O.S . there is not an EMO song in to be found not that there is anything wrong with EMO. THis CD is a statement to be reckoned with.
check him out .........

The Full Quid

By wilberry, 2007-10-30

<p align="center">&nbsp;<strong><font size="2">The Full Quid is an alias for myself David Lunbeck</font></strong></p><p align="center"><strong><font size="2">In australia&nbsp;a long time ago they used to say &nbsp;&quot; he doesn&#39;t have quite the full quid &quot;&nbsp; it means he is not all there , not right in the head . So after years of jamming and noodleing I decided to get&nbsp; it together and start to write real songs (&nbsp;instead of half songs )&nbsp;about life , love, loss, protest and things in general. I also started to collect some obscure vintage guitars to help create my sound .which I call Alternative Americana&nbsp; Tom Petty-mex ...........</font></strong></p><p align="center"><strong><font size="2">&nbsp;Finally&nbsp;I&nbsp;am getting closer to&nbsp;&quot; the Full Quid &quot;.</font></strong></p>

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