The London Project
The London Project
The London Project

Until the End

album: Day-Um
genre: Rock
streams: 83

Until the End
Barefoot Music
04/06/18 11:57:03AM @barefoot-music-group:
Love the way this explodes into a power ballad. Incredible vocals!!
04/02/18 12:01:06PM @gary-hart:
Great production here...well mixed song with vocals and guitars that sit well through out the song! Very Nice!
Tricia C
04/01/18 05:09:56AM @tricia-crawford:
And I will say that this has great production and I do love the vocals and lyrics.. I am glad that it has a download available so I can spin this on Monday night.. the percussion comes in just fabulously in the timing.. and this song is soothing to me... thanks so much! Blessings to you all as your music so blesses me and so many!
Farrell Jackson
03/29/18 04:24:54PM @farrell-jackson:
Well done London Project ! You guys never disappoint with the songwriting, performances and production quality.


03/28/18 05:02:17PM @tlt50:
Lonnie....incredible song. Fantastic musicianship, lyrics, and vocals. Stellar performances and production, ***** On my show tonight. Thanks for sharing your music, bro! :)

Larry T.


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