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Silly Dream (ft. Carol Sue)

album: The Singles
genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
streams: 57

  Song Lyrics
Silly are my dreams of a white picket fenceand our child playing in the back yardSilly are my hopes that someday we could shareour child's love in our...
  Song Information
This music was originally called Spiral and was written and performed by The London Project in 2003. Lonnie decided that we needed to modernize the song and...
Silly Dream (ft. Carol Sue)
carol sue
05/05/19 10:56:40AM @carol-sue:
Thank you again Lonnie + Don, I loved doing this one with you!
@ronbowes, thank you my friend! :)

04/29/19 07:50:09PM @the-london-project:
Thank you for your kind words everyone! We really appreciate your support. Lonnie and Don
04/29/19 07:16:43PM @ronbowes:
It was a cool song before. Even cooler now!
carol sue
04/29/19 08:05:14AM @carol-sue:
Thank you so much, my friend!

tony cee
04/28/19 01:29:40PM @tony-cee:
superb song . brilliant vocals and lyrics carol sue , and superb backing music guitars drums and bass by london project, gets my vote ,,,,cheers tony cee
carol sue
04/28/19 10:08:48AM @carol-sue:
I love the additions and how this tune has progressed.
A real honor to be in song with the ever-so talented London Project!
Can't thank you enough.. thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)


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