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I Know She Understands

album: Argue Street
genre: Rock
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I Know She Understands

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Tricia C
06/29/17 08:43:23PM @tricia-crawford:
Your music is always touching to me... vocals are beautiful with great guitar accompaniment... and as always the lyrics pull me in too! Loving the bass as it comes in between the vocals... just wonderfully done! Thank you! 💕
07/26/12 08:13:40AM @the-autumleaf:
Excellent vocals and superb the progressions and riffs. Superb production
Jay from TheAutumnleaf

Lyrical Princess
11/22/10 03:57:47PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Lonnie, Haven't heard this before. Has Awesome sound.. Love those drums.. Wish you had the lyric posted as I like to read along. Something haunting about it.. Enjoyed everything .. Vocals, music, etc.. Well done. Kudos to all involved.

All The Best,

10/16/09 12:42:00PM @jackson-hart:
Wicked intro here!! The quality is awesome...Nice mixing and master on this! Enjoyed this cut! Guitars are solid! -Gary-
10/05/08 08:23:33PM @steakbone:
This was really well done! The vocals especially sounded really great. We share a lot of the same influences - I checked out a few of your songs and think this was probably my favorite.
09/30/08 09:52:53AM @blue-sahara:
Hey Lonnie ... wow, this sure has a Floyd feel! And this is always good! :-)
Wonderful guitar performances all over the place, the composition and arrangement of this song is simply fantastic. I really love what you did here, Lonnie.

09/11/08 06:45:06PM @self-tort:
Glad this one has been getting some recent traffic because I missed it first time round and that would have been a travesty. Excellent writing, performance and production. Love the dynamics throughout. Superb vocals with loads of feeling. Everything on this track is sympatico with everything else. Really deft touches. Adding this to favs.



09/11/08 06:42:16AM @gordon-leed:
Excellent work...really nice music here. Thanks for a great listen, really enjoyable. Gordon
09/11/08 07:02:04AM @amakua:
I think Peters comment about the guitars is correct, for me it is like there are two songs here. I also loved the start but thought the children playing ended too abrubtly. Middle of the song harmony terriffic, excellent ending. Well produced.
11/16/08 01:54:44PM @vesa:
Never too late for a good tune. Like the vocals and complimenting guitar; lovely marvelous harmonies really does it nicely for me. Good solid guitar playing. Nice arranging and well thought through from a pensively quiet sound to a more expressive change, makes for a DYNAMIC tune. Really enjoy this. Glad I came by. EXCELLENT! A real fine guitar pickin' and super vocals. Superb production. Love it.
Thanks for the pleasure.
-Your friend & fan. -Vesa.

07/28/08 01:55:38AM @tlt50:
Superb intro.... in this awesome track. ! Musicianship is totally exceptional. Beautiful work with the arrangement and production ! The vocals were absolutely dead on.........IMO. Great track !!!!


05/15/08 09:55:08AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Man, what a great tune this is!! Lots of feeling and passion in this piece. Very well produced, great vocals!
04/04/08 06:36:31PM @serious-music:
Hello, it is my first visit here on your site and your music is a great surprise for me. So I am happy that I have clicked. I know she understands is a wonderful top song from the finest. Are you agree when I play your music in my radio-shows? If yes, I would like to download. Your work is full of my taste!
04/01/08 06:43:38PM @mike-kissel:
Pink Floyd ish yet Sabbathy yet... totally Unique!!
Love the progression and the power of the turn around. Really a well written and nicely performed tune. Lots of raw power and that acoustic just grounds it all. Great job!
Mike K.

03/31/08 03:57:09PM @ab2:
Excellent from the onset, this is a big song...Fabulous vox, male and female...Wonderful harmonies...Nice guitars, ohhhh yes...An excellent listen....:-)

peace n love mags xx :-)

03/31/08 03:30:04PM @mark-cloutier:
yeah have a damn cool tune here--acoustic guitar is superb and band is dynamic--vocalist has it going on!! great luck out there and welcome here!! mark
Luca Wulf
12/06/07 08:25:44AM @huge-artist:
Well with a list of influences like yours,I had to come have a listen...
Vocalist is SUPERB.
He has a real road voice going on,someone who has done his apprentaship on the front line.
Excellent vocals,really impressed with the voice.
Whole band sound is very cool,tight throughout.
Really working together well guys.
Also,the acoustic solo was spot on,that was beautifuly mixed.
I don't really see the need to give a critical review here,you guys know what you are doing and these are works in progress.
Suffice to say,when you have finished with this song,it will be one almighty awesome song to sit back and enjoy.
Superb songwriting!!

12/02/07 07:08:33PM @diva:
Strong vocals here, and very nice guitar sound in the intro. Cool arrangement. Lots to like here.
Chris Mahon
02/05/09 05:23:09PM @chris-mahon:
Hi there, just stopping by to check out some of your tunes. I like this one alot. Very nice arrangement, with great vocals, and strong guitar playing. Thanks for sharing it! Chris
11/10/07 12:12:31PM @dicarlo-productions:

11/09/07 10:16:00AM @omm:

Rob Grant
11/06/07 07:37:53PM @rayon-vert:
AWESOME SONG!!! You remind me of Porcupine Tree or any of Steve Wilson's projects.......EXCELLENT Sound. GREAT MUSIC!!!


11/05/07 03:53:19PM @michael-nunley:
alot going on in here - and it's pretty much all good.

This sounds better turned up a bit ... lets the leads ( both elec and acoustic ) cut thru better.

Well made and played.

10/27/07 08:01:14AM @dazed:
very good tune! love the guitar work and the vocals.


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