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The Mocha Hurricane

As It Rains

genre: R&B
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The sun is upRays of light are draped across the bedThere's a quiet rainI'm against your chest your hand rests on my headI felt you moveSmiled when your...
As It Rains
06/11/10 12:41:51PM @mark-reed:
Said I'd be back, I chose this one at random. This a lovely song, simple backing supporting a super lyric. Which you deliver with real feeling. All in all a very good little song and a very pleasant listen.
Mocha Hurricane
03/17/10 12:59:03PM @the-mocha-hurricane:
Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and listen! I appreciate the encouragement and the compliments deeply!
Thanks Digger!


03/17/10 10:08:44AM @digger-stone:
oh wow! this is how it's done... your sweet vocal over this building piece of music is just perfect. i gotta say, there are a few moments there when your vox are just heavenly, really impressive stuff. thanks for sharing.


Incarnate Word
03/04/10 11:17:31PM @incarnate-word:
this is sweet. very suppule and builds nicely. it warms to you and then it breaks into a beat that is easy on the ears. excellent instrument seperations and layering. Great Job.
Rogers-Tennison Band
02/20/10 05:12:57PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Love the lyrics / story line. Again, the nuances in your voice singing the melody really is enfatuating. I love the vocals - harmonies to harmonies. (The R side piano part is Chinese water torture, distracting. But the strings are excellent sprinkled throughout tune as accents.) Great job.


Mocha Hurricane
02/02/10 10:26:28PM @the-mocha-hurricane:
:) Thank you, Larry! You're a peach!
02/02/10 10:11:00PM @tlt50:
Love the R&B......Excellent work, your vocals are stunning, grooving this vibe perfectly.... OUTSTANDING !!
Keep the music flowing...!!!



stephan foster
02/03/10 10:46:09PM @stephan-foster:
Love the way this song builds! Wonderful vocals and superb production!

Mocha Hurricane
02/03/10 10:49:03PM @the-mocha-hurricane:
Thanks Stephan!


Mocha Hurricane
02/02/10 06:54:27PM @the-mocha-hurricane:
Greymonk, many thanks. :)
02/02/10 06:20:51PM @genghisken:
Superb vocals, excellent sound. Professional production, so glad to have you here on the Mix!!
Mocha Hurricane
02/04/10 05:14:33PM @the-mocha-hurricane:
Devo and I make a good team! Thanks Pete!

02/04/10 02:51:23PM @bigpete:
This is such a pop hit, amazing writng, production, performance, and I should know its my job to find the next hits for my clients, and this is a top contender, it is already a hit with every one who took the time to listen. You are a hit maker for sure and with a lot of class.
06/04/10 02:06:12PM @miguel-a-wilder:
This is a nice summer love song. You do great work. I likes :-)


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