The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Irony By-Pass by Seekers After Smooth Things

album: Blah, blah!
genre: Alternative Rock
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About 7 years old I think and a repost until I can start writing again.  The title is from a Robbie Williams' American tour film which I remembered because...
Irony By-Pass by Seekers After Smooth Things
Teezer Band
04/08/15 04:55:11PM @teezer-band:
Hmmm. Very likeable melodies, structure, and vibe. Would be much more fun with a real drummer... or at least with drum machine that didn't sound so obvious and too hot in mix. Guitars are WAYYY too hot in mix... so much that they detract from an extremely cool tune. Lvoe the tune, despise the mix.
retarded potential
08/06/11 06:10:56AM @retarded-potentials:
This is unconventional (as most everything you share) so my review is too. If one line could cover it - pudding pop drum & bass groove and brain stain the floor guitar work. I mean that in the most affectionate fan of Glenn Branca way. The fuzzy flangey feedback breakdown right back into the outro makes me smile widely and beats my personal pop sensibilities to a pulp with an electrified night stick. If this isn't enough to bring me to another temporary break in double tracked verse chorus verse compositions nothing will. Except maybe a few more listens of Sommersprossen.
12/11/10 05:25:59AM @microjazz:
The rhythm guitars are a real stand-out with a very interesting tone. I agree with others here this defies genre definition.


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