The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Sommersprossen (2003/4)

album: Blah, blah!
genre: Alternative Rock
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Sommersprossen (2003/4)
05/23/18 11:32:05AM @hooker-green:
First let me ask why you call it "Sommerprossen"? IT has some psychedelic atmosphere and some phrases from modern jazz. second part is more powerful and it rocks. Yes for film music its sounds perfect. I really love your arrangement- very smart
Greetings H.G

09/04/11 05:30:33PM @cooter:
What an interesting arrangement and tune, ftlpope. Nicely done and intriguing. Love the flow of the tune, too.


05/08/11 07:00:06PM @jciliom:
I really like this composition. Has a pure rock feel from beginning to end. Shows like a Kill Bill scene of some sort. This is film music no doubt. Also, cool for video games and television. Keep up the great work. Peace and Blessings


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