The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Yes, yes, yes, a little more humanity please (techno re-mix)

album: Blah, blah!
genre: Techno
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Yes, yes, yes, a little more humanity please (techno re-mix)
09/22/10 09:21:48PM @n0mad23:
Wow. What really stands out to me with this one is the juxtaposition of rather severe background sonic textures with an overtly pleasant melody overlay. A sonic interpretation of sheeple smiling on the surface, and underneath they're filled with seething resentment and fear? Dis-eased humanity.

The arrangement and mixing are flawless to my ears. Outstanding work, Andrew.

09/12/10 02:23:59PM @eshar:
A title is a great way to draw people to your tracks and you have some great ones. And then the music is as clever and imaginative as the title and it does not disappoint.

There are definite ambient overtones that I can hear and they sit well in the track.

04/20/10 11:43:25AM @mark-reed:
I liked this, from the opening you get pulled in. Great atmospheric mood. It gives me a sense of space and tranquility. clever composition in how this moves between moods. well done
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:43:45AM @incarnate-word:
I like the keys in this. Very mellow and the ambient back ground keys set nicely against the melody. Great JoB.
Farrell Jackson
03/09/10 12:26:49PM @farrell-jackson:
With an album name of Blah, Blah! I just had to pick a song from it to listen to. This goes very deep into the crevice and the constant heart beat is sort of hypnotic. Ok I'm under the spell of the song now......a great listen!


Lonesome wolf
03/13/10 12:57:01AM @paul-grimwood:
Different, Original and melodic.
Really lovely song,Great production.

02/14/10 05:31:37PM @ben-dales:

12/13/09 05:32:49PM @neptuneuk:
This is awesome, the mellow beat compliments the trippy synths in the background. It evolves enough throughout to keep the listener entertained. I wish I could do stuff like this, I always end up sounding dark and brooding lol


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