The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

The 13th dream

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genre: Alternative Rock
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The 13th dream
Sandy Gritt
12/09/10 02:16:05PM @sandy-gritt:
Some really cool textures and a nice groove. I Love the way this is put together. Top notch and tasty playing.
Lonesome wolf
03/11/10 11:11:29AM @paul-grimwood:
Mysterious and different.
Love when the lead guitar comes in.
Atmosheric in a dark sort of way
A MUST listen-Paul

Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:40:40AM @incarnate-word:
Now we are talking. I love this type of intro work. very etharial and for boding in nature. very cool production on this. it seems industrial and yet transent at the same time.
01/17/10 05:35:12AM @marc-morlock:
Great dark intro
Love the drums & guitar
Great Mix

01/15/10 09:26:06AM @a-boy-called:
Dark, brooding intro dragging us pleading into some crunchy guitar work that decides it wants to fling us left and right for a bit to keep us happy. On my second listen now and still finding great surprises in the music.
12/22/09 03:01:57PM @leaving-richmond:
Listening to "The 13th Dream." The intro is great and the crescendo is absolutely perfect. It's sort of an evolving crescendo that leads you into the track beautifully. Intricately crafted. Good, good music.
11/26/09 06:10:54PM @chris-moore:
There's real class in the way you put your music together. Everything fits, even though on paper it wouldn't, musicianship is stunning, note and beat perfect, but it's not only all of that that draws me in, it's the magic that runs through it, leads you on, wanting to know what's round the next corner before you get there, but totally enjoying the ride while you travel. Excellent. (oh and I agree about the bass in the last bit). Thanks for the ride, Chris.
11/23/09 09:11:47AM @bigpete:
again original, interesting and entertaining, great guitar work, you're guitar language is so original and well crafted never a boring moment, great job again, great sounding production, so prog rock in the structure, thanks for sharing.
bill b
11/22/09 02:14:39PM @bill-b:
Seems to have the right mix of mood and swing. The use of a developing motif melodically employed could complete it or maybe something like a real good lyrical poem sung overtop could turn this into a real jem. Great form and good length.
11/22/09 01:13:01PM @tcp:
Innovative, well written and arranged, this sounds a bit of a cross between Focus and Tangerine Dream, both very cool bands in my book. A very enjoyable listen indeed because I like hearing from people who can write. The only misgiving I've got is the programmed drums, but in the scheme of things it's a nit. It could always be replaced by a human in the future...The real meat is your playing and writing. ...very, very nice stuff! ..Blake
11/22/09 02:38:03AM @000:
This is really cool. There are a lot of interesting tones going on.. The solo's are tasty and sound improvisational but fit perfectly with the direction of the rest of the arrangement. Great track!I would like to hear more bass tones in the mix though.
11/21/09 07:36:55PM @joel-tuttle:
very good job buys have such a tight band....i know for a fact that your lead guitar wouldn't be so imaginitive if it weren't for the rest of you and your drummer is really sound...
Good Band folks...from J.v.TUTTLE !!@!$##!!

12/08/09 07:40:40PM @wrightdude:
Love the dark opening and the effects on guitars... Very intersting piece.... enjoyed!

Farrell Jackson
01/12/10 11:39:28AM @farrell-jackson:
You have some interesting guitar work here that gets very creative with the wah wah tones. Enjoyed the listen!

Farrell Jackson

12/22/09 01:23:50PM @skin-deep:
Very cool use of stereo. Wide panning, and a dark groove.
I like the choice of instruments and noise/ringing sounds.

Very original. Great mix. Nice dynamics.



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