The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc


album: Blah, blah!
genre: Techno
streams: 140

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An attempt at techno with some of the usual SOTL edges.
06/01/11 12:33:14AM @marc-morlock:
Lovely unique feel good intro
the arrangements are so catchy !
Beautiful Production !!

06/06/10 04:20:53PM @mark-cloutier:
Im not sure what everything is and how its played but i really enjoyed its vibe and dynamics!!clear as a bell production!! nice!!!!!!!!!
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:39:01AM @incarnate-word:
I like the guitar on this. very clear and decisive. very unique intro for techno but then unique is the flavor of the night. Great Job.
02/25/10 08:54:49AM @tripple6fusion:
yes, i think soundscapes is the right term... this is really neat.... so mellow and so clear.... hard not to be in a good mood listening to this kind of stff.. sounded great in my headphones... nice job! jD
Virtue of Restraint
02/19/10 09:11:57AM @el-maricomio-project:
I will agree with what the last reviewer said about the pan! One of this artist's less ambient/avant-garde tracks, I got the impression that there was a little bit of Asian influence in the melody and instrumentation. The beat, however, was classic European techno. I missed the presence of vocals, as I felt that a smooth soprano subtly mixed into the background would have "done it" for me. Around the 4:20 mark, the track takes a dark turn, but the original melody soon returns. I would have enjoyed it if the darkness had been explored a bit further, but I can't call that a complaint.
01/18/10 07:53:04PM @genghisken:
Wow now that's how you pan right there! Superb stereophonics, great mellow playing, dramatic and crisp. Excellent soundscapes, professional production!
01/18/10 01:03:29PM @bigpete:
this is a great soundscape you created, really well mixed sounds awsome on my system, powered by vintage Quad amp, the arrangements are so beautiful, great job ftl another one for my show.
bill b
01/17/10 09:02:12PM @bill-b:
A kind of ambient jazzy techno tune with good selection of well mixed sounds. Gentle and flowing with a exclnt rythmic structure. Soft and gentle, unimposing. Interesting background sounds punctuate the jazz chord key comping well enough to hold interest untill the sections change whee the harmonic structure gets a bit bolder.
01/17/10 07:59:16PM @ed-drury:
Delicate intro, very compelling structure to the track. Everything unfolds in a very thought out and effective way each sound contributing to the mood. Very good work!
01/17/10 07:46:48PM @ben-dales:
Cool sounds. Like the way it builds into the track at the start. Not usually a style I would listen to, but it sounds good to me. Good luck and keep up the good work!
Lonesome wolf
03/13/10 01:01:34AM @paul-grimwood:
Sonderbar..Is my Favourite
something special
Another MUST listen

09/26/10 08:34:26PM @tcp:
If one really stops and soaks this in they find a ton of superbly crafted musical thoughts. The song is deep, something I don't normally associate with techno. However which way it's classified it's artistic, has classical undertones, great flow and sonics. I can think of some Tangerine Dream or Sigor Ros stuff that won't stand up to this. A fine sound glad I heard it. Bravo!!! ..Blake


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