The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Sledgehammer American metaphors if you are lucky (repost)

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genre: Alternative Rock
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This is being reposted as I now have space for it.  It has also been re-EQ'd.  If it sounds like it is clipping (distorting), that is deliberate.  A now...
Sledgehammer American metaphors if you are lucky (repost)
09/09/10 07:11:27PM @n0mad23:
Aptly named! That steady beat does invoke the sledgehammer. And in the interest of political harmony, I won't comment further on the title (you're right about the "if you're lucky" part).

I really dig the contrast between the speed of the guitar and the rhythm, as well as the difference in clarity.

You're redefining classical music in the modern context, aren't you?

05/18/10 05:55:19PM @mark-cloutier:
Nice work with the sledgehammer!Easing into a nice melodic venture..Relaxing--nicely done!
04/20/10 11:36:36AM @mark-reed:
Love the title, can see where he sledgehammer drum sequence comes in. This is a strong piece of music, with moments of pause between the hammers. Some nice changes of mood here. Very enjoyable listen
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:35:09AM @incarnate-word:
Unique approach I think. hit me in the face right from the start. I am not sure of the exact intent of the intro but I have an few theories. Good Job.
Farrell Jackson
02/22/10 10:56:54AM @farrell-jackson:
It's interesting the way you're using the quick tempo of the drums in contrast to the slower melody of the guitar and music in general. I like the contrast.


02/21/10 01:07:49PM @microjazz:
This sounds very different to your other stuff - tis good to try new things.
bill b
02/21/10 10:32:50AM @bill-b:
Interesting change at 1:00, gets a exclnt Rutherford like progression but addition of tastefull amounts of atonality is engaged minimumly for effect, gets really kinda trippy and cinematic around 3:35. Seems short for some reason.
03/23/10 03:43:05PM @ks:
Yes, this is what I was hoping for...Contrast.
I've listened to a few of your pieces and I enjoyed them as well as the chosen minimalistic approach.

This piece is hard edged which I assume has much to do with the title of the piece.
Nice dissonance at 2:24....Your work has a Bolero motif to it.
Meaning you stay very close to home in it's harmonic/melodic
A very raw abrasive piece which I assume was constructed again for the implied title.
I love that chord at 4:08!

07/03/10 09:46:46AM @tcp:
Really a very interesting expose' in contrasts, dynamics, timbre and chordal progression. I enjoyed the innovative approach and the arrangement is perfect. One of my faves from ftlpope. Truly well conceived IMHO. ...B
Luca Wulf
05/02/10 03:33:49PM @huge-artist:
Well it was a relief when the sledgehammer eased up.
But yeah,I know that was completely intentional.
As I said in the last review,your music is an adventure.
Storytelling in music,choice of instrument,length,light and dark.

I won't pretend to be wise enough to understand the title.
But it takes away nothing from the music.
Epic in nature,perhaps befitting sucha big land and diverse peoples.

Full marks for originality and all those little dischord touches.




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