The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Süßesten Verzweiflung (Sweetest Desperation -alt mix)

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genre: Alternative Rock
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Süßesten Verzweiflung (Sweetest Desperation -alt mix)
05/25/10 07:03:28AM @mark-cloutier:
Absolute chillout the morning paper--sip some coffee and dream to the music!!The distorted guitar underneathe is cool!!
05/12/10 08:33:34AM @lex-zaleta:
Masterful! You do all of the musical things I would like to be able to do (but would need another lifetime to learn). You seem to produce your work like a stage director. Every sound has its place on the stage, and every movement has a purpose. Top shelf! - Lex -
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:37:17AM @incarnate-word:
I like the production better on this one. I think the changes were approprate to the project and did create the illusion you wanted. Excellent Job.
Farrell Jackson
02/22/10 10:51:18AM @farrell-jackson:
The 5 minute intro, although artistic, was a little too long in it's build up for my tastes but it all comes down to personal opinions with artistic songs like this. Which is not to say it's right or wrong, just different. However, I did listen to all 7:48 minutes of it!


bill b
02/21/10 02:02:38PM @bill-b:
I enjoy the atmosphere created by the sparseness of the slow build to the main body. Minimalist structures slowly interweave to form an interesting and sureley experimental mix. Good tonal and harmonic colours for the first half. Rhythmic and harmonic intensity strengthens for the less experimental but still interesting cinematic second part. Overall a very well executed and truly artistic production. Very good contrast of colour and texture create a great and meticulously intended piece.
02/21/10 12:56:29PM @microjazz:
Intersting slow burn build with this one. Quite a cloud burst wake up call at 1:53. - Dark, Sonorous and different -nice work.
Luca Wulf
10/11/10 08:40:16AM @huge-artist:
Your music is always an adventure for me,tyou break new ground and paint in sound.
Stark,grey day isolated opening.
Those bursts of sound and power are a perfect counter balance to the minimalist soundscape.

You never clutter the soundscape with distractions.
That takes a good deal of intuative understanding of how music mirrors mood.

When the beat launches the whole piece skywards,you suddenly get a realisation of just how EPIC this piece is.
The gentle letting go of that power section was just perfect.

When it ended,I missed what it brought.


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