The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Hannah, my sweet palindrome

album: Blah, blah!
genre: Alternative Rock
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Blues/jazz with a distinctly English feel and cheap pun of a title.  Trying to sound like Nick DeCaro in the strings.  Watch out for the gratuitous 6/8...
Hannah, my sweet palindrome
09/16/10 02:08:44PM @microjazz:
Had to make a return trip to download this! Forgot to do so last week. Super track!
09/05/10 12:20:52PM @eshar:
I was fasinated by the title...and thought I must give this track a listen. I'm so glad I did. Very enjoyable I must say.
09/03/10 06:40:04PM @n0mad23:
Like Jazz meet Celtic to howl some blues. Brilliant and thought provoking while speaking directly to the heart. Really dig the distortion on that guitar, and the ending is absolutely perfect. Faved this one!
07/10/10 06:08:20PM @eirik-finbak:
Wonderfull flute sound... The melody is good and strong... Good work :)
05/31/10 03:05:21PM @microjazz:
Logged on for the first time in a while today and you've got one up! I really enjoyed this. Nice unusual keys sound with a really great guitar sound. Who knows the extended guitar solo might yet make a return! Great track.
05/31/10 10:04:09AM @bigpete:
this is trademark ftl music, original creative structuring, great production, masterfull musicianship and always entertaining, great listen as usual. Your solos are a joy to my ears.
Farrell Jackson
05/31/10 09:41:40AM @farrell-jackson:
Some good and creative jazz in the morning always starts the day off well. Some good guitar playing going on here! A bit different, which is good to my ears!


05/31/10 03:41:45AM @3rd-class:
Very unique style and writing technique. Great performance by all. Thanks for sharing.
07/04/10 07:14:20AM @wrightdude:
Nice tight work! Distorted guitar an interesting juxtaposition against the otherwise smoothish backing. Nice build of energy to the end there! Enjoyed!
07/01/10 12:12:55PM @death-valley-yacht-club:
Excellent, as usual. I really like the way you mix the smooth and the gritty.
bill b
05/31/10 07:54:58PM @bill-b:
Interesting rhythm in the intro and good structure throughout and I liked the tones of all the
instruments but the guitar I found a bit bytey although I thought the playing was good as was note selection and technique


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