The SpaceBass Band
The SpaceBass Band

Gimme Back My Rock'n'roll (rehearsal outtake)

genre: Rock and Roll
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This is an outtake of our 1 st ever rehearsal
Gimme Back My Rock'n'roll (rehearsal outtake)
03/18/10 09:35:17AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Well rock and roll this aint - 70's prog perhaps and a lot of other mixed messages so to cut to the chase, neat song done with minimal everything and very enjoyable. More please? ftlpope
Incarnate Word
03/17/10 03:56:40PM @incarnate-word:
Welcome to the mix. I like the garage raw sound. this is very killer Rock n roll format. I look forward to haring some great things from you guys.


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