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I'm In Love With Medusa

album: The Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: Halloween 2016
streams: 150

  Song Lyrics
I’m In Love With Medusa  (Lyrics)         by Bill Thompson  Verse one First time I heard about her, Came from a stranger named Perseus, Though he said she...
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Not necessarily a Halloween song, though Medusa is generally regarded as a monster...  Bill Thompson did everything on this one...  music/lyrics/all...
I'm In Love With Medusa
12/17/16 09:06:42AM @the-truevulgarians:

That's actually a synth steel drum... I guess it does sound like of like a banjo though... lol  Thanks for the listen Leslee!

Leslee Allan Songs
12/16/16 06:13:19PM @lesleeallansongs:

sounding good on this, bill, is that a banjo ? some nice sounds here.

12/14/16 10:32:30AM @shane:

Your song Title drew me in on this. Like gary said,  lol,,  being in love with Medusa must certainly be flirting with danger.      I look forward to hear more of your songs Bill.    and , by the way, i wanted to acknowledge and say thankyou for your visit on some of my other songs , under JANEWAY etc.     Thanks :  ) ,.     I'll be back.

10/11/16 01:04:06PM @ronbowes:

Cracking song, Bill. Great lyrics.

Farrell Jackson
10/11/16 10:28:00AM @farrell-jackson:

Good song and words Bill! I like the the way you're telling this blinded by love story!


Gary Shukoski
10/11/16 04:58:00AM @gary-shukoski:
Flirting with disaster there, Bill lol! I certainly love all of your wordplay on this. You crack me up :D
10/10/16 10:27:53PM @david-c-deal:

You always write great songs and this is no exceptions. Most creative lyrics.


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