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My Dear Wife

album: Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: Acoustic
streams: 68

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My Dear Wife               music and lyrics by William Thompson Intro Verse one  I can still feel your sweet breath, blowin’ against my ear Your warm...
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A sentimental acoustic tune performed by Bill Thompson, who wrote the music and lyrics.  A shameless pandering to wives everywhere!  lol
My Dear Wife
03/09/18 04:49:24AM @shane:
wow! this song totally chewed my emotions up. Rock on Bill ! i'd like to say more, but, wo
Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 03:17:04AM @gary-shukoski:
Wow! Was this based on a book, movie, or someone you know (knew) personally?
07/09/17 01:46:30PM @ronbowes:
Cool compostion Bill. Thumbs up. I'll say nothing about any ulterior motives regarding the missus lol
Farrell Jackson
07/07/17 07:08:43PM @farrell-jackson:
Those are some real sad lyric Bill and yes you will be scoring points with all the wives out there, including yours :o) Your acoustic and voice sound good...well done!.......(you brown nose-er, lol!)


07/07/17 05:33:13PM @avmo:
The lyrics are haunting. Please tell me that they are not 100 % factual. Suicide is never a good option. Very moving Bill.


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