The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

John Doe

album: Elsewhere Live!
genre: Acoustic
streams: 157

John Doe
05/05/20 10:02:49PM @skorzion:
Awesome song writing, beautifully performed, loved it!
04/28/20 10:16:12AM @stoney-ian-burrage:
a true story teller ... wonderful
02/01/19 07:45:54PM @tlt50:
Singer/songwriter excellence. Your storytelling always amazes me, Bill. Another outstanding track..
02/01/19 10:20:24AM @ronbowes:
Good song writing Bill. Lyrics are well constructed and tell the story well. Cool job.
09/02/13 10:47:18AM @mach:
I agree with Carol Sue...very distinctive. A great bit of songwriting here. I like the just a guitar and man simple sit down and play performance. Sometimes simple is what makes it shine. Great harmonies from your Sis also. Well done TrueVulgarians.


Farrell Jackson
04/14/13 11:29:23AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey TV that sub-standard acoustic guitar sounds pretty damn good! This is just another case that shows it's not the quality of the instrument but the quality of the man who plays it. Very powerful and not sugar coated lyric. Well done on the vocals and story as well!


04/08/13 08:55:08PM @gene-smith:
Man you folks can write some strong lyrics (that' a compliment BTW!)

Love the singer/songwriter vibe you two get with your tunes and the lyrics just tell the truth.

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