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Songwriter's Lament by The TrueVulgarians

By truevulgarian, 2013-09-28

The latest tune by The TrueVulgarians, written, produced and performed by Bill Thompson.  Kind of a tribute to songwriters everywhere!   Check it out.

National Drink Beer Day

By truevulgarian, 2013-09-27

Not that there's a direct tie-in to the independent music scene, but by mere coincidence, I suspect many of the wonderful friends I've made at might be interested to know that it's National Drink Beer Day!  Not that you need an excuse, but this is one of the better ones I've encountered to justify getting blitzed...

Bill (truevulgarian)


"Don't Know What It's Like to Be a Man"

By truevulgarian, 2013-08-31

The TrueVulgarians are excited to announce the release of their new song, "You Don't Know What It's Like to Be a Man", written from the perspective of a not-so-wonderful husband who remains clueless as to his shorcomings and happy to live with them.  Hope you guys all enjoy it!

The Mixposure Experience!

By truevulgarian, 2013-08-07

Taking a minute to exholt the virtues of this independent music site.  This remains a place where individual creativity is both recognized and fostered by both it's artists and management.  Truly a haven of music for music's sake, promoting independent material without the filtration and sanitization evidently required by the lowest common denominator of the commerical market.  Our listeners are hearing unbridled music, straight from the hearts and souls of the artists featured here.  Most of the artists found here create music because they are personally driven to do so, without expectation of commercial success, a pure product of their creative nature and freedom of expression.  So, if you're looking for straight-laced, run-of-the-mill, sound-alike tunes designed to sell, but not much else, than this probably isn't the place for you.  There are plenty of top-40 radio stations from which to choose.  If, on the other hand, you're looking for a place where the music is limited only by the imagination and talent of it's creators, Mixposure is the place for you!  The newly rolled out site changes just makes it that much better! Art for art's sake!

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National Stay Home and Make Music Day!

By truevulgarian, 2013-06-19

<p>Join me today in refusing to go to the day job to stay home and make music.&nbsp; I'm hopeful that before long we can have one of these days at least once a week, perhaps replacing Thursdays!&nbsp; I'm hell bent to get some of my stuff recorded and find it's necessary to make tough choices to get some things done.&nbsp; So sorry boss, as a matter of personal priority, I won't be in today.&nbsp; Later...</p><p>Bill Thompson, truevulgarian</p>

Ugly KId

By truevulgarian, 2013-05-18

<p>Just posted our newest release, "Ugly Kid" which I hope you find humorous if not confusing.&nbsp; A more up tempo tune than most of those we've previously posted.&nbsp; I hope everyone enjoys the song.&nbsp; Yet another story told...</p>

Can't Stand Pat

By truevulgarian, 2013-07-18

<p>Check out The TrueVulgarian's new release "Can't Stand Pat" in collaboration with and featuring the incomparable Joseph Rodriguez on lead guitar and keyboard.&nbsp; Joseph did a terrific job, as expected, and we all hope you enjoy it.&nbsp;</p>

Broken Bed

By truevulgarian, 2013-07-20

<p>Please to announce the release of our cover of a wonderful tune written by James McMurtry. He has long been a favorite of our group and certainly one of our most influential artists.&nbsp; I hope our rendition helps spread the incredible songwriting and musicianship of James McMurtry, one of Texas' favorite sons and a most under-recognized talent.&nbsp; Available for interactive streaming, but sorry, due to licensing constraints, no downloads.&nbsp; Hope you enjoy the song as much as we enjoy performing it!</p>

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