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The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The Saturday Night Main Event Starts at 8 pm edst... hosted by The TrueVulgarian!

Just a reminder folks that there will be no Friday show tomorrow night but I will be spinning a show that sounds eerily like one on the Saturday Night Main Event going it solo... Come and join me in the chat room starting at 8 pm est time!       

Set one
The Grandees of Bangor – Poor Pitiful Me (NEW ARTIST)
The Grandees of Bangor – Cold Shot
Randy Gabel – Energy
Randy Gabel – 5G Meltdown
Carol Schonbeck – The Long and Short of It
Winters Resurrection – Is It True
Ariel’s Attic – Against My Will
Atlantica – The Secret
Tobertoz – We Run
Window Dogs – 2 x 4’s (NEW ARTIST)
Window Dogs – Looking Glass
Window Dogs – Go Outside
Big Pete – Excellent Birds/Arrowtown

Set two
The TrueVulgarians – Number Three
Ron Bowes – The Way Back Home
Carol Sue – Lost in Oz ft. Ron Bowes
Dawn Sinclair – Hey Star
J-Ron/Farrell Jackson – P.A.R.T.Y.
Serious Music – Demons and Doubt ft. David Blaine Young
Jeff Bovee – Sunday Blues
Lodato – Where They Belong
Lorne Reid – She Gets What She Wants ft. Farrell Jackson
Lorne Reid – She’s Here to Stay
Paul Rainbird – Dream Carefully
Tony Cee – Chains

Set three
TrueVulgarians – Ron Bowe’s Ghost
Becoming Ashes – Close My Eyes
Wyntr – Bad Shit Krazy (Pinkeye)
E Lee Hawkins – Where the Sun Always Shines
Mark Ellis – Wrong
Pat McMahon – Sometimes I Feel
Ron Dadey – Haunted
Ariel’s Attic – Wasteland
Gary Dabrowski – Where Have You Gone
Vitne – Fever Dream
Gary Hart – Bad Attitude
Stephan Foster – She’s a Zombie

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New Release - "Let's Not Talk About Love"  by the TrueVulgarians

New release by The TrueVulgarians, "Let's Not Talk About Love", words/music/arrangement/production by Bill Thompson who also played acoustic guitar, sang lead and backing vocal.  Jacki Grapentine on backing vocals.

Let's Not Talk About Love

When Wills Collide

By truevulgarian, 2016-07-26
When Wills Collide

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release of our newest song, "When Wills Collide", a song which focuses on the cycle of domestic violence.  Music and Lyrics by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal.  Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.

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Billy's Voice ft. Joseph Rodriguez  by The TrueVulgarians

Here's our latest song in collaboration with Joseph Rodriguez, Billy's Voice .  Music and lyrics by Bill Thompson who sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar.  Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.  Joseph Rodriguez played lead guitar and did all the production work.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

Swan Song ft. Joseph Rodriguez

By truevulgarian, 2016-06-16
Swan Song ft. Joseph Rodriguez

Here's a new collaboration by the TrueVulgarians ft. Joseph Rodriguez.  Words and music by Bill Thompson who sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar, back-up vocals by Jacki Grapentine, all added music, arrangement and production by Joseph Rodriguez.  A ballady song of lost love...  Hope you enjoy it!

Scotswolfe - Jim McMurtrey

By truevulgarian, 2016-06-01

Just wanted to let you know that our good friend Scotswolfe, otherwise known as Scotswolfe, an incredible musician and wonderful man, is battling extreme illness and has been hospitalized for the past several weeks.  Many have inquired about sending him various forms of get well greetings.  Both "The TrueVulgarians" and "ErnE" are accepting private messages here on Mixposure at our artist pages from those who wish to send Jim cards or letters of encouragement as he continues his fight for recovery.  We have been authorized to provide you with his home address and will be happy to accommodate you.  Consistent with the family's wishes we didn't want to just put out Jim's personal contact information for public consumption and bellieve this is the best way to make it available.  Get Well Scotswolfe and may you have many, many more wonderful compositions in your days to come!


The TrueVulgarians


The Ballad of DJ Gene - Host With the Most

By truevulgarian, 2016-04-08
The Ballad of DJ Gene - Host With the Most

Bill Thompson of the TrueVulgarians and David C. Deal teamed up on this "tribute" to our favorite DJ, Mr. Gene Smith.  Inspired by a session of busting Gene's chops in the Mixstream Radio chatroom!  Hope you all enjoy it as much as you have Gene over these many years!  The Ballad of DJ Gene - Host With the Most ft. David C. Deal

Unholy Man:  New collab by The TrueVulgarians and Joseph Rodriguez

Pleased to announce the release of a new collaboration by The TrueVulgarians and Joseph Rodriguez, Unholy Man, a blues-rock tune.  Words by Bill Thompson, music co-written by Thompson/Rodriguez, with all instrumental work by the Metal Master himself!  Hope you enjoy it!

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