Thevi Olin
Thevi Olin


album: Yeah right
genre: Acapella
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9 minutes of eternity.... Nigel Potter recorded an e chord and I added guitar. 9 minutes of eternity....  
Luca Wulf
04/15/08 09:08:12AM @huge-artist:
This has stood the test of time well mate :)
Of course I am far more advanced now,yeah,sometimes I even use as much as three chords!!! :)
Superb playing mate,simple as that.
Live and alive.


01/04/08 02:20:58PM @vesa:
Hey Thevi;
Happiest of the year to you.
This is very much as the title says, -sounds like a flute -you've altered my mind into some serene realm very nicely, like the different sounding guitar insertion, done so tastefully, arranged well...good use of synth (not overwhelming, simply complimenting; giving some light breezy atmosphere); most enjoyable...laid back, pensive, focused, meaningful sounds with the guitar playing; good use of 'space' as an instrument, neat easy going efx. -textural--...feel the ocean pour moi ici...tres bien. Love this. A fave. Unique messier Thevi.
Thanks for the pleasure.
Your friend -Vesa.

01/19/08 08:36:07AM @syntopia-music:
what a masterpiece, so many great influence i hear. I love the intro , reminds me of a great Pink Floyd time. Deep textures and so emotional atmo. A perfect sound in a perfect arranged aong. I love it.
11/22/07 06:46:26PM @michael-nunley:
About as good a slow build as I've ever heard. Closed my eyes , and felt like this one came with it's own laser light show . Very evocative.


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