TiBo - When I Break (Official Music Video)

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Duration: 00:03:31
TiBo – When I BreakTiBo - When I Break (Official Music Video)

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I'm not doing this please anymore
Your friends, your life
Those late nights sore
You say these things when you regret
To keep me sweet
But that’s when I break

These tears I cry that you don’t have
The lost hours I won’t get back
And all the times I have blamed myself
For no one else would cause this much pain

I know we have made a few mistakes
But I don’t want to lose you once gain
They say that it’s never too late
To turn a blind eye on the pain

I promise you my bravest smile
To heal you not just for a while
And welcome you with open arms
If we just do this one more time

Music video by TiBo performing When I Break (Official Music Video)
(C) 2020 TiBo


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