"It's all about the vibes "

album: Night Games
genre: Soundtrack
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Another Old song.... Soundtrack material perhaps....:))) ? peace and blessings , LarryT......
"It's all about the vibes "
03/16/15 11:26:36PM @tlt50:
My humble me....with the beautiful comments. Bless you all Thanks
06/27/11 08:46:45AM @lucindra:
Cool and innovative Larry....makes me wanna bust loose with a guitar....or just sit back and enjoy the groove....nice driving force to this one......ahwooooooooooooooooo !!
06/27/11 06:19:57AM @durod:
Funky groove that keeps your head boppin' and your toes tappin'. Love it!
06/27/11 02:53:35AM @jciliom:
That synth is live my dude! Has a funky westcoast flava to it. Awesome groove on this track. This has movie written all over it. A true banger off top! Peace and Blessings
06/26/11 09:33:01PM @dazed:
Hey Larry - Like the tune man. Keys are amazing!
Lyrical Princess
06/26/11 08:23:44PM @lyrical-princess:
Another Old song??.. Sounds New to me :)
I agree.. Soundtrack or perhaps it would be a great track for video games.. Reminds me of Some of the music on the games that the boys used to play.. This is really very good... WTG!!! :)

06/26/11 08:25:32PM @lodato:
You keyboard work on this track is so tasty along with the stabs from the (synth)? is a meal unto itself. I'm in the middle of making dinner and took a peak at this track. So glad I did man. It's on a loop while I cook.
Doctor C
11/20/12 10:45:15PM @doctor-c:
Man, I think I've told you before you're THE king of the groove. Each one of them has its own personality, soul and a story to tell. BTW, what is that marvel on the picture. Looks like my old C3. Did I sell it to you? He he he! I'm still not through with the grief counseling, you know. Anyway, I admire your talent, creativity and inventiveness. I don't know many musicians who can compose a groove and you just want to listen to it, not changing and not adding anything. Just a plain old groove. It's amazing.


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