** JUMP ~~

album: From here to There
genre: Wolf-Blusey-Soulful-FUNK
streams: 100

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Recorded in 2005  A very old track.... MIDI   drums.... the rest,,, just jammin' in the basement with the ROLAND(S).... An  A-30 and the Fantom X6... Using...
** JUMP ~~
Gary Shukoski
07/18/16 06:00:33PM @gary-shukoski:
I like the lead work that begins around 2:40! Are you using a mod wheel or a ribbon type of pitch shift?
Lyrical Princess
06/02/14 12:54:58AM @lyrical-princess:
The title of this track is so fitting. I couldn't sit still while listening. That's always a good thing when music is involved. It sounds like you had a lot of fun making this track. It's full of energy. A fun song that makes me want to "Jump" .. You know...(dance that funky dance) :) (Probably not a pretty I can picture you up on a band stand performing this.I like the length. Not too short..I've really enjoyed listening... And it is going into my favorites list..
This is Fantastic Ol' talented one... 5***** + Love it!!!

06/01/14 05:55:35PM @david-c-deal:
That is such a cool drum and bass sound to jam to Larry. Sounding your funky wunky fine self!


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