Sunset Love

By WhereWolf, 2008-09-09
Sunset Love blog or not ?? Hell yea !!&nbsp; <img src="images/smilies/face-grin.png" border="0" alt="grin" title="grin" />&nbsp;If you get a chance ,,,,give me a listen.... slow-groovin'&nbsp;&nbsp; with a bit of chillin' ,<br />always good for the soul...... LOL <br /><br />cheers,<br />Larry T

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The Trunk Monkey

By WhereWolf, 2008-04-20
The Trunk Monkey

I've hired a new manager to handle all my collabs. I've posted a new song with Robbo1 (Robert Smith) . The Monkey and staff had the final say on the mix ,so please refer any comments to my manager. Feel free to comment ! It's Just a Thang' featuring Robert Smith with TLT50.
Larry T.....

Oh... here's the link to my manager.......copy and paste ...
Trunk Monkey Compilation
P.S. Just having some fun !! :devil: ;)

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It's Just that Way

By WhereWolf, 2008-04-02
It's Just that Way

It's Just that a song about loved ones we've lost. A song I did 4 yrs ago. The recording is somewhat flawed. The drum loop is crappy.All other instrumentation is done with the Roland Fantom X6 keyboard and Roland XV-2020 sound module.!!!

We are blessed ,living in a day and age whenever the mood strikes , we can hit the record button
and save our feelings and emotions. Sometimes when you listen the next day,ya' "think", ahh ...maybe this is worth saving.......other times,,,,...........,Damn', what the f**k was I thinking LOL.!!
Regardless, we have the choice !!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their generous and kind words....This is a great community !!
Keep the music growing and flowing..........Respect and regards "wolf-wolf"

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Howlin' at the Moon

By WhereWolf, 2008-02-21
Howlin' at the Moon

Inspired by the full moon....Mad Dog Yosemite and the WeirdWolves gather with one thing in mind to create.....
One never knows what will transpire,but when they tell me to mix/master,burn and ripp......MAN ,,I do what they say.........damn' scary individuals IMO !!!!! So here it is !!
Mad Dog Yosemite (MikeY) playing NS1 synth guitar, PRS electric guitar and some sound FX.


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Lunar Eclipse !!!

By WhereWolf, 2008-02-18

This is coooooooL stuff !!!!!

copy and paste and all that crap.............."wolf-wolf"

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Functional WORD......!!!

By WhereWolf, 2008-02-08

HOPE THIS MAKES YOU SMILE... "THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD.".. Well, it's **** . that's right, ****!
**** may just be the most functional word in the English language.

You can smoke ****, buy ****, sell ****, lose ****, find ****, forget ****,and tell others to eat ****.

Some people know their ****, while others can't tell the differencebetween **** and shineola.

There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull ****, horse ****, and chicken ****. You can throw ****, sling ****, catch ****, shoot the ****, or duck when the **** hits the fan.

You can give a **** or serve **** on a shingle.

You can find yourself in deep **** or be happier than a pig in ****.

Some days are colder than ****, some days are hotter than ****, and some days are just plain shitty.

Some music sounds ????...., things can look like ****, and there are times when you feel like ****.

You can have too much ****, not enough ****, the right ****, the wrong **** or a lot of weird ****.

You can carry ****, have a mountain of ****, or find yourself up **** creek without a paddle.

Sometimes everything you touch turns to **** and other times you fall in a bucket of **** and come out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the basic building block of the English language.

And remember, once you know your ****, you don't need to know anything else!!

You could pass this along, if you give a ****; or not do so if you don't give a ****!

Well, ****, it's time for me to go. Just wanted you to know that I do give a **** and hope you had a nice day, without a bunch of ****.
But, if you happened to catch a load of **** from some ****-head........... Well, **** Happens!!!


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File Sharing....Qtrax

By WhereWolf, 2008-01-28

While the big news,,,,,.is,,,,,, file sharing,.....big bucks Q-trax etc..... What can be better than exchanging tracks with friends in the hopes of ,connecting with one another.,with what we hold dear...........and that is music !! I should be so lucky, that someone would want to rip me worries.......I like to make music.................and I'll continue to throw it out there,to whomever may listen.......The joy of making and presenting music is, IMO.... more important than....most anything else. This file sharing is all about Major artist, not the little independent music makers .....who enjoy what they do...... SHARE.....CONNECT,EXCHANGE and appreciate the comments of those.......... we call brothers.!!! Brothers,that, thru different circumstances have made sacrifices !!Enjoy what they(we) cherish,,, :-) NOW !!! The JOY of making music, is a passion........??.Come forth,make it, and let it be heard !!! Who,really gives a sh@t any-way-who !!!! That's my blog for today !!!!! LT........ "wolf-wolf"

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Don't You P!ss On Me

By WhereWolf, 2008-04-16
Don't You P!ss On Me

Well.....I could use a little help. While the song image is Classic Art/Sculpture, I need something
that fits the vibe of the song more closely. Something with a dog perhaps. After listening to the song...... if you have a better song image ,I'd appreciate your help !!!
Is this a great place or WHAT !!!
all the best,
Don't You **** on Me
Thanks to my friend Alexis I've got a bit of info on this little statue !!!!

There is a lot to do about the history of this littlestatue.There are several legends about this. For this look under the de site of the educationpoint .

Officially Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the old made the original of this statue in 1619. In fact he got his insiration from oldere statues. Originally it stood on a pedestal of 6 foot high. During the bombardements of Bruxelles in 1695 by the sun king Louis XIV, the little statue was taken from his pedestal to protect the little man from the shootings.

In 1745 the statue was stolen by the english soldiers. The inhabitants of Geeraardsbergen could take it back from the soldiers. After exposing it on their Great Place, it was given back to the bruxellars.

A little later, in 1747 it was even stolen twice bij french soldiers. The second time there were troubles in Bruxelles and a masacre was hardly avoided.Ling Louis XV had the soldiers punished for their wantonnes. In order to put the Bruasslars back in a good mood he gave the little Manneken a beautiful outfit embroided with gold, a feathered hood and a sword. Manneken Pis was knighted it to the nobility to the order of Saint Louis. This meant that the French had to salute the statue passing by...

The statue became aclassicistic, belgian limestone niche in 1770 to replace the podest.

Stil the original statue did not last till now : in 1817 it was stolen and broken by a recently liberated hard labour. With help of fragments a new mould was vreated. With this a new Manneken Pis was moulded and exposed again on 6 december 1818.

The statue has several outfits.Its first outfit was given by Maximiliaan-Emmanuel of Beieren, which was councelar-general of the Netherlands from 1692 until 1714. He participated at a feast for the arquebuses shooters in 1698. He was able to shoot the upper jay and was elected to king of the gild. The happy Maximilian donated al the brothers of the guild an outfit of blue cloth of Beieren and gave one to Manneken Pis. At the moment its garderobe exist of 600 outfits, they are stored in the house of the king or in the Museum of the Town. Manneken Pis received his first outfit 1 may 1698. The governor of the Austrian Netherlands gave the outfit at the occasion of a fest organised by a Brussels guild. Manneken Pis still receieves often outfits. As thanks he gives the donators a barrel of beer that is connected directly to the little statue. Special outfits are that as Elvis Presley or Mickey Mouse .

There are many histories about Manneken Pis. According to one of the legends a little boy urinated against a door of a witch living at the polace where the fountain stays at this moment. The witch was so cross that she changed the boy into a statue. An other legend tells that a man had lost his son. He found the boy after two days, nearby the place where the statue can be admired today. When the father saw the child, it was urinating. As a sign of freedom, the father had made a fountain with a urinating little boy.

In Geraardsbergen they assure that they were the first ones to have a Manneken Pis. Fact is that they have a Manneken Pis since 1459. According to the Brussels Archives a little statue stood in 1452 on the corner of the Stovestreet and the Oakstreet. This statue was called 'Juliaensken Borre' (= in fact fountain of the little Juliaan). In common language it was often called 'Manneken-Pis' ,because of its special form. The common denomination had the priority above the official nomination,which is not to be found after after 1668 . This first statue was made of stone.

(With thanks to Bas van Iersel about the garderobe and the legends!)

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