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You make me smileYou make me highI never thought it could be this timeI only dreamed but it fadedI see the LoveShine from your eyesAnd I wanna climb...
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For this song....Joy wrote the lyrics Many Moons ago.  Years before we would meet. She was going through some of her old song ideas and lyrics more recently...
Farrell Jackson
10/17/17 04:48:21PM @farrell-jackson:
The 1:30 that I listened to the song was very good. I'll have to wait until it plays in full on one of the DJ stations before I can make a complete comment......but what I heard was nice!


Barefoot Music
10/16/17 08:40:43AM @barefoot-music-group:
Congratulations to TolbertToz for your tune "Time" being chosen as Song Of The Week on & Mixstream Radio.
We'd love for you to join us in the Chat room some evening/ and introduce you to the Mix community ~ Toni Barefoot Rock n Blues

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10/15/17 08:58:15PM @tolberttoz:
Tricia C:
Absolutely beautiful vocals and amazing lyics... this is a wonderful song and so glad that you shared and that it got 'Song of the Week' CONGRATULATIONS! Kudos!

Wow thank you Tricia! We really appreciate that...
Honored to be Song of the Week... thanks everyone... very cool...
Tim & Joy

10/10/17 09:30:03PM @tolberttoz:
Doug Dickens:
Beautiful vocals and great lyric always makes for a great song. You got it.

Thanks Doug! We appreciate that! Thank you...

Doug Dickens
10/10/17 05:48:42PM @doug-dickens:
Beautiful vocals and great lyric always makes for a great song. You got it.


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