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Tommie Brewster

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Tommie Brewster
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About Tommie Brewster

Tommie Brewster – the soulful voice of blues

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I have been a musician all my life and cannot remember a time

when I didn’t play piano. I started before I was 4 years old

and studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music

in London, playing several other instruments also.

At home, my influences were many from jazz to ragtime, from

swing to reggae, from rock to heavy metal but it was always

blues that spoke loudest to me in my heart and soul and it was

always my dream to write, play and sing my own blues music.

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Every musician absorbs influences and I am no exception, but I do

not knowingly emulate or imitate anyone – I just write my blues

the way I hear it in my heart and my head.


I also had a dream to produce my own music which I have now

achieved and with the help of some very professional final

mastering I am pleased with the finished product. I write

my music in the oldfashioned way, on manuscript and the lyrics

come to me along with the melody as a complete package.

I record also in as authentic a way as I can – no samples,

loops, tweaks – if I make a mistake in playing the piano part, then

I start at the beginning and do it all again!!

I play piano, sax, clarinet, harmonica, organ and a few other things. 



I have a catalog of original songs of around 500 now – with only a fraction of them released and it just goes on and on………………..  


Blues !!: 


I was inducted into the USA Blues Hall of Fame in 2010 as Ambassador to New Zealand which is a great honor and I display my logo proudly. And as of 2013 I am also very proud to be the only non-American on the management team at the US National Women In Blues organisation.


My first released blues album hit the Top Ten of the Roots Music Report in the Blues chart – this was a huge achievement for me as I sat there above such greats as Etta James, Elvin Bishop, Clapton with my own self produced music.

Since then I released my second album 'My Own Shade of Blue' which is on CD Baby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/tommiebrewster6


The track Can’t Leave You Alone from this album was released as my first ever single in October 2008 and immediately went to number 7 in the Reverbnation blues chart and is still in there! – I have had great responses to all my subsequent single releases and this has all helped me to remain at Number One Blues artist nz on Reverbnation for over Two and a half years now. 



I write music in many different styles, but blues is the one that seems to have captured me. I have tracks in blues rock, swing, singer/songwriter style, spoken word and lots more. usician but not always and the show has proved hugely popular, now syndicated over 35 different radio stations in the USA/UK and New Zealand.

So that is the Interview Show but I also have several Blues shows and a World Music show exploring different sounds from around the world. 

There is a website at TTM Radio Network with full details plus a blog

giving info on all the various show times at


and because 18 shows a week are blues shows, I created a separate page on the website for the main ones:





I also create and perform Spoken Word which can be heard on the dedicated page of my music website http://www.tommiebrewster.com


Several of my videos have gained awards for creativity and content :

view them on http://www.youtube.com/tommiebrewster



With a catalog of so many unreleased songs and an unrelenting drive of creativity that keeps me writing songs almost every day of my life, the time has come to release the next album. This will be a double album with one CD of new tracks and one CD of some singles already released but not yet gathered together.


In addition, work continues on a ‘rock opera’ for which all the music is written and in place with merely the stageplay to complete. Given a backer for this project, I am excited about the prospect of seeing it come to reality on the stage in London.


I also intend a tour of the USA in late Fall 2014 to visit the many venues and radio stations who have invited me so many times and also to appear in the Benefit concert being organised just now. 

All images copyright Tommie Brewster.

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Can't Leave You Alone

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Can't Leave You Alone

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Tommie Brewster
02/27/14 01:32:33AM @tommie-brewster:
Thankyou Vig - that is just a wonderful comment to leave me - I don't think I ever had one in verse before! I like that my music speaks to your heart, your head and your soul - what more could I ask?

02/26/14 04:08:59PM @vig-wig:
I can't enough of your stuff//I hear you in my sleep//You're always in the shadows//taking my heart to keep//You've got a lot of blue notes and they always get to me//How come listening to your blues brings out the soul in me


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