tony cee
tony cee

dancing away

album: spotlight
genre: songwriter
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a song from my new cd ,spotlight , about life......
dancing away
Bamil Music
02/03/19 07:27:09PM @bamil:
Great track Tony, Wonderful sound and ambience!!!
02/02/19 08:37:45PM @moquinn:
Mmmmmm Smooth, Soothing & so Mellow ~ I close my eyes & am surrounded by this beautiful song....
welcome to MixPosure
hope to hear more from you

02/02/19 12:47:04PM @lorne-reid:
Awesome production Tony! Everything in the right spot! Nice message in the lyrics as well. Cheers!
01/28/19 11:54:06AM @david-c-deal:
Nice spontaneous earthy feel to this song. Welcome to Mixposure!
Farrell Jackson
01/27/19 08:49:20AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the nostalgic chord takes me back to the good old days of rock n' roll but still sounds fresh. The sax intro was cool. Your vocal texture is perfect for this song. Great writing and production....I hope you sell a million cds!


tony cee
01/27/19 08:32:55AM @tony-cee:
thanks everyone for your comments it makes it all worthwile
carol sue
01/27/19 12:04:40AM @carol-sue:
Pulled me right in with this one, Tony!
So nice to hear you again~ welcome to Mixposure!
Thanks also, for visiting my little page here.

Keep doing what you're doing~ ya' sound great!!
~Bravo!! *****

01/26/19 09:08:32PM @driftingcosmicjellyfish:
Hi Tony, Really nice song, I love your vocals, I dig your guitars, keys and bass and drumming are very tasty. The overall mix is excellent, and I’m listening on a Sony (super Bass) Bluetooth speaker, it all sounds clear a s bell!
Frank Northcutt
01/26/19 05:16:15PM @frank-northcutt:
Great song, Tony. Luve the progression and minimalist arrangement. Good lyrics, too.
01/26/19 05:09:15PM @tlt50:
Hi Tony, welcome to Mixposure. Fantastic songwriting, with great lyrics and vocals. Your instrumentation works really well on this track. Looking forward to more of your music. :)

Larry T.

01/26/19 04:52:29PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Tony Great track my friend. I really dig your vocal style. Best of luck with your new cd!


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