tony cee
tony cee

wine and women

album: spotlight
genre: country rock
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wine and women
02/13/19 04:51:46PM @mark-cloutier:
Really enjoying this one im a guitar guy so digging the cool guitar work and a really good song and super good vocals-love it!!
02/11/19 09:24:04PM @bigpete:
Man I just love your vibe, the real thing.
02/06/19 03:48:22PM @bad-love-junkie:
I remember this from that other site ;) Still love it brother! I was just commenting that my heavy drinking days are behind me. I've learned to pace myself. It only took me ten years to get it right ;)
Thanks for dropping by my page :) I really appreciate the time and comment

carol sue
02/06/19 08:38:36AM @carol-sue:
Wine and women~ big subject title, so much to sing about, huh! lol
You've done it again my friend.. fantastic song and performance!!
I like your style, tony-cee!! *****

Frank Northcutt
02/05/19 03:58:14PM @frank-northcutt:
Cool story. I think that was last Friday night. LOL! I'm getting sort of a Bob Seger vibe. Like it!


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