tony cee
tony cee

the landlord

album: angels dancing on my tongue
genre: blues
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wrote and recorded this song about 2010 , about my daughter and her landlord, a bit quirky but still hope you like it thanks for your time , and comments on...
the landlord
05/03/19 08:02:55AM @lorne-reid:
Gritty vocals and great story!! Drum track and sound is phenomenal. Cheers Tony!!!
Gary Dabrowski
04/30/19 01:01:30PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds 'pretty darn good' to me...(I started on the accordion at 8 yrs old...still have it in the basement somewhere...maybe I'll go see if it still plays...jajaja)...
Farrell Jackson
04/30/19 10:31:36AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool song Tony Cee! A bit of Reggae and accordion/sqeeze box is a nice touch. You have to watch out for those landlords :o)
carol sue
04/29/19 07:55:28AM @carol-sue:
Tony, I just adore how you sing and make music!
I would imagine your daughter liking this one, too.
Kudos on another cool tune, my friend!! *****

04/28/19 07:48:01PM @ronbowes:
Got that Parisian style intro and it is indeed quirky. Almost a reggae feel . Nice one TC


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