tony cee
tony cee

to rah to rah yeh

album: angels dancing on my tongue
genre: blues
streams: 23

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wrote this song about 15 yrs ago , had a bit of interest from a 60s singer called pj proby , hope you like it .thanks for your time .......tony cee
to rah to rah yeh
05/17/19 12:14:00AM @tlt50:
Tony...this is superb, love the vocals, lyrics, and the music you created. *****


05/16/19 07:36:11PM @lorne-reid:
Really dig yer tunes and this one is right up there!! Great vocals and performance of all music.
carol sue
05/15/19 08:00:38PM @carol-sue:
I was wondering how you were going to sing.. to rah to rah yeh.
But of course you did that with class! Tony, I just adore your style..
And of course, I have said that before. Deja' vu :) Great tune!

05/14/19 02:53:51AM @cugel:
Great vocal Tony! I can clearly see the John Bell influence here. I too really like a lot of the output from Widespread Panic. Occasionally, I like to do a little collaborating - I'll know who to ask when looking for a great vocal.
Farrell Jackson
05/12/19 07:56:20PM @farrell-jackson:
This a cool bit of blues in a minor chord with a tasty lead solo! I didn't recognize the name P.J. Proby so I looked him up. He's still performing at the age of 81....that's remarkable. Too bad he didn't take your song and make it a hit. I always knew music would keep us forever young, lol. Nice one Tony Cee and an interesting bit of trivia to go with it.


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