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album: Into the Open
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 128

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taken from the digital album "Into the Open" lyrics VERSE (1): Ooh ooh... the center of attention brings... surrounding of such shallow things so I take in...
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It's great to be admired by genuine fans, curious haters & flashing cameras...some of the time.    
carol sue
03/10/19 10:50:26AM @carol-sue:
I can hear that you have been so nicely inspired by your influences.
Very detailed song and production. Really like your vocal tone.
Killer good track!! *****

03/09/19 06:25:24PM @tre-main:
Hi Troop -

Thanks for tuning in. "Hideaway" was written and recorded back in 2006. It is part of the "Into the Open" digital album which could be considered my demo debut is suppose. Recently I've fulfilled the project and will be adding it to the online marketplace Summer 2019. If you like #thematerialworld, you'll love this album as well as it hosts a collection of Pop, pop -rock, RnB and dance music. Everything I've been influenced by. As always, thank you for listening. xoxoxo Tre.


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