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Tribe World Ensemble

The Journey

album: The Message Stick
genre: Vocal
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The Journey
11/29/08 10:33:24AM @mark-reed:
Nothing much I can really add to whats already been said, the song itself is superb, the instrumentation is tremendous and the vocals are perfect. I'm glad I found your page.

All the best

The RatMan
09/15/08 09:00:52PM @the-ratman:
Very good production here, very nice, strong and vibrant vocal, instrumentals are very well done,one of the best productions I have heard on ANY website. Would really like to work with you sometime in the future. Maybe do a duet with a male artist I am working with in the UK. Think about it please. NICE WORK. The RatMan!
09/15/08 03:39:36PM @akashaman:
wow ; really beautiful majestic piece here ~
vocals are really lovely.
melody is strong & the sparse arrangements really lets the vocals shine ! i know of david & his genius , its no wonder this sounds & feels so stellar :
inspiration personified !
good one guys.


09/15/08 02:48:33PM @david-c-deal:
Truly first rate musicianship, authorship and production. Beautiful from start to finish. Oh, and those vocals are JUST PERFECT!
Dave Deal

Tom Hoelle
09/15/08 08:54:01AM @tom-hoelle:
Wow! What great songwriting! The individual performances are all coming together in support of that outstanding lead vocal! ...just as it should be! ...and the delivery of the vocal tracks are perfect for the sentiments of this song. Nice work!


11/01/08 08:57:29PM @the-bard-brothers:
This is an awesome sound. The only things I'd change is the acoustic guitar. Get rid of the direct in with the effect. Let it resound with the rest of the instruments here.

Vocally, all I can say is, "What a journey." Lush harmonies. Just gorgeous.


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