Tricia Crawford
Tricia Crawford
Tricia Crawford

A Glimpse

album: Fungus Floats
genre: Blues
streams: 71

  Song Lyrics
I got a glimpse from the corner of my eye And it makes me softly sigh All I can say is My oh My And it makes me wonder, wonder why....
  Song Information
Dace Yates-Musicianship Maestro, Mike Cooley-Mastering (Reload-master-version) This song was a collaboration with Dace Yates, a friend, that I was honored...
A Glimpse

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Tricia C
07/12/17 07:24:56PM @tricia-crawford:
Thank you @hooker-green! Much appreciated! I'm mainly a listener and my one & only ever lyric attempt to help... I appreciate the feedback and know the true artist, Dace, will appreciate and deserves the credit! 🙂
07/11/17 08:44:00AM @hooker-green:
Yeah an excellent production and surprising sounds. I admire that arrangement-very amazing.
Congrats from H.G.

Tricia C
03/28/17 01:09:41AM @tricia-crawford:
Thanks to @red-sheppen for the review and rating! Much appreciated!
03/27/17 06:33:03PM @red-sheppen:
Love this one....great job all round with lyric and the feel of it. That guitar lead is such a nice guitar tone.
Good on ya's Tricia and Dace and Mike etc

Tricia C
02/16/17 10:37:44PM @tricia-crawford:
Thank you for instructing me on needing to post too and for letting me collab. I'm glad you enjoyed the lyrics and honored me by using them. doing so. Believing in one's self is the best way to be!

Tricia C
02/16/17 10:29:57PM @tricia-crawford:
I wanted to say thanks Vig! Very nice of you to comment!
02/13/17 01:17:51PM @vig-wig:
A fine collab, the music was edgy enough to attract a body'd attention and draw them into your lair, The lyrics tell enough to get your point across in a concise manner; long enough to satisfy, short enough to leave your mind to fill in the backstory. Good job.
02/06/17 06:54:50AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Long time ago both sides uploaded collabs most time. Thank you for doing so. Some how you wrote just what I was feeling. Its my fav/vocal I ever did. I wish I had not lost the first upload with all the wonderful words. Its about seeing the hope in yourself, not in others.
Tricia C
02/05/17 12:20:45PM @tricia-crawford:
Thanks Jim, I was told that collaborations are usually shared by people involved. Not that the lyrics were that long! 😉


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