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@MoQuinn, 09/18/16 10:43:02PM
John ~ I heard one of your songs tonight on MixPosure radio ~ the name ~ Bleeding Heart ~ as I sometimes do ~ I was double-tasking ~ but, your song made me stop dead in my tracks ~ left the other task & just listened ~ I loved it ~ unfortunately it is not on your MixPosure page ~ I would love if you could add it ~ thanks
Maureen AKA Moe
@vigwig, 10/09/14 10:10:24PM
Welcome to the mix, Josh. I can identify with all your moving around. That's why I have been in Conroe for the last 41 years. It's all about liking where you are, not being where you are. Your music is just the kind played by ur dj's. Expect we'll be hearing moree from you n Mixstream Radio.
@Barefoot Music, 06/16/14 11:05:38PM
Welcome to Mixposure Uncaged, Home of independent artist's like yourself-
I'm happy to find your original tracks here and think you'll find mixposure to be an inspiring community to be part of.
Stay in tune my friend, you've lots of music to share.