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Vig Wig
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About Vig Wig

I am mercurial I guess.

I've deleted my songs several times, each time putting them back.  This time I'll be more selective   maybe

My favorite types of songs are an eclectic, motley collection of songs.  I like most genres. 


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Computer screeched to a halt

By vigwig, 2016-08-12

My computer was really getting rocked, rolled and head-banged into submission by all the rocking good artists at Mixposure.  As a result it is with some exasperation I have to cancel the Vig's Place Show for next Wednesday August 17 and possibly the following Wednesday August 24. It was unavoidable except if I was a computer genius (which I am not).


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Podcast of Vig's Place 11-21-12 Part 1

This is how I was able to do a podcast of a show's stream:  It's a file https://www.mixposure.com/vig-wig/file/296/podcast-of-vigs-place-11-21-12-part-1

Feel free to tell me how I should have done it.  Meanwhile, enjoy and if there is enough interest I'll put i[ more.

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'nother Viggeo

By vigwig, 2016-02-04
'nother  Viggeo

Here is viggeo of my tedd-z bear singing 'nother vig original song, kick back with a pack of Ju Jubes: 

Teddy Sings

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New old song

By vigwig, 2015-09-15
New old song

A new vig song is available for your quiet pleasure


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