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Charlie Tuna  Recommends Vig's Place Show Tonight 7 PM EST

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Todd Christopher Kerrin Johansen Kat Jevnaker-Paananen Douglas DickensBobby G Moore William Thompson  Toni Taylor-Helser Mike Kohlgraf Joseph Rodríguez Mike Olson Larry E. Talbot Piyali GangulyCooter Ford Marlon Kempmann Bill MacKechnie Bill Shroyer Michael PerezJonathan Li Rich Lodato Jeremy Bowling Maureen Quinn Roger Keene Susan Ssun Mary Anne Finnemore Linda Fry Daryl Abyss David C Deal, Mark Cloutier,  Ron Dadey, HillBillyRockStudios, Rusty James, Sie Hughes, Carol Sue, Jimmy Dean Brooks, Fungus-Dace-Yates 

The first 25 entries will receive tuna fish sandwiches, the second 25 will receive our sincere sympathy at getting and the crusts we cut off the other people's tuna fish sandwiches, the next 25 will receive a free squirt of hand sanitizer and any other entries will receive a coupon good for 20% off MSRP for 2017 Oldsmobile 87 at any participating taco stand.  Say hello to the listener in the seat next to you and blow him/her a kiss:  That'll keep them from interrupting your reverie with inane small talk (maybe even insane small talk, too). Tonight we're featuring two hot new artists, so come burn down the armoire with us!

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It's Vignesday - Time for Vig's Place Show Tonight @ 7 PM EST

Vig’s Place Show is here tonight at 7 pm eastern time.  There will be music from (at least) eleventeen new or different artists.  Topics of discussion will be guitars, amps, latest news, music and various issues of mumbo jumbo and/or heebie-jeebies.  The first ones there will kindly help setup the room since it will have just finished being used by Woodchucks of the World #69.

Victor Lopez will be on Mixposure and Mixstream Radio tonight, 7 PM EST on Vig's Place Show. Bob Ross, Mike Olson, Ariel's Attic, Rob Stangle, William Thompson True Vulgarians, Larry E. Talbot TLT50, Daryl Abyss, Michael Stone, Piyali Ganguly, Douglas Dickens Dickens,Maurice V. Mounce' , Joseph Funk, Kerrin Johansen, Cooter Ford,Jimmy Dean Brooks, sie hughes, Jack Wright, Bill MacKechnie, Bud Drumming Trinity James, Jim Easton, Ron Kauffman, Mark Neuhart,Jeremy Bowling, Kevin Koerber, Gene Smith, Todd Christopher, Kat Jevnaker-Paananen Stephan Lapping, Hydrogen3, Linda Fry, Jonathan Li, Michael Perez, David C Deal, Mark Cloutier, Bill Shroyer, Phil Patterson,Chris Tedds, Steve Gilmore,Larry Campbell, Mike Osborne, John Frederick, Rich Lodato,Tricia Crawford,Oz Osborne Maureen Quinn Marie Dailey.


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Vig's Place Tonite at 7 PM  EST featuring music of fabulous Mixposure artists

You've read about it, you've talked about it, you've seen it advertised in a blog here at Mixposure, you've read the Classics Illustrated or Cliff's Notes, you've seen the commercial on the Spike channel and you have been hacked and redirected to the web site: The magnifulous, extravagondolaness, the mysterious, the one, the only Vig's Place!  Live show begins at 7 PM EST.  Smooth operators are standing by.   Call now and receive a second show for free.  You only have to pay shipping, handling a few of my Aunt's parking tickets.  There will be a drawer prize and balloons for the best costume.   The first 10 attendees will be given a seat to sit on and the second 10 will be boot-proofed.  There will be an air show at half-time where we will award duplicate ties to the first one with a hot air balloon gone wild.  We will also have many stupid games aimed at getting you to spend a week's pay for some creepy crawlers prizes.  Hurry in as tonight’s show will feature the music of DJ Jezza, Doctor C and Derek Buddemeyer.  You'll want to be on time so you won't miss any.  If you have read all the way down to here report to the check-in desk for your surprise gift.

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Vig's Place Show Tonight 7 PM

By vigwig, 2017-01-04
Vig's Place Show Tonight 7 PM

It's that time again, time for Vig's Place on Vignesday.  Come one come all!  See the amazing peeps in their native habitat!  Hear the finely crafted musical creations!  Pet the instruments in the Instrument Zoo!  Get your picture taken with your favorite artist (well, his favorite opening act anyway)!  Volunteers are still needed for the dunking booth and drunks are needed for the volunteers’ booth.  First 500 chat room visitors will be given a “Trump for President” commemorative wig and an industrial strength hairdryer.   Tickets to see Rusty James’ newly won guitar will be available at the Chechen desk.

The door opens officially at 7 EST but for an extra tip, you can enter anytime!  Don't look for anybody to be there but you can squat a favorable seat!  (Unless it's determined that you can't do squat)

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Podcast of Vig's Place 11-21-12 Part 1

This is how I was able to do a podcast of a show's stream:  It's a file

Feel free to tell me how I should have done it.  Meanwhile, enjoy and if there is enough interest I'll put i[ more.

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'nother Viggeo

By vigwig, 2016-02-04
'nother  Viggeo

Here is viggeo of my tedd-z bear singing 'nother vig original song, kick back with a pack of Ju Jubes:

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