reachout ft jas and ricky

album: tba
genre: space pop
streams: 195

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come with me to a new land...
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ed-arrangement/instruments/production ricky-rhythmic lead guitar jasmine tea-vocals/lyrics
reachout ft jas and ricky
06/17/19 05:53:47PM @cugel:
Great track chaps - excellent.
04/19/18 03:51:49PM @waveman:
hi farrell, thanks man, ricky and jas really brought it to life. and yup..it be ed
Farrell Jackson
04/19/18 01:41:18PM @farrell-jackson:
This is fantastic waveman! I'm familiar with wricky's and Jasmine's music but not as much with yours waveman (Ed is it?). I like this a lot.....wricky's rhythmic riffing works so well as does Jasmine's gentle voice...but waveman is the maestro here...take a bow! I'll be listening.....


01/22/18 08:22:41PM @waveman:
hi Larry, thanks man from the group
01/22/18 05:06:06PM @tlt50:
Three fantastic people/musicians sharing their skills. Ed outstanding instrumentation and production. Always great to have Wricky on a track. I've always enjoyed Jasmine's vocals.. Superb listen Bravo *****

Larry T

Doug Dickens
03/23/17 06:19:11PM @doug-dickens:
What a fine tune ... totally enjoyable. Gonna spotlight it on Tuesdays showcase.
03/22/17 07:34:27AM @wricky:
This collab came together so good thanks to Ed and Jasmine. I am very glad to be in there with you guys! Thanks and cheers!


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