album: synth alley
genre: ambience
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my synth rack/drum programming/guitar... I like to do this sort of stuff when I need to take a deep breath from it all
04/27/18 08:13:05AM @waveman:
very much appreciate your comments emocion
sly puppy
04/25/18 02:40:35PM @emocion:
Came across to listen and remark - now this is glorious opening so intoxicating that wall of sound it’s realky quite gorgeous especially loving the tune of the chorused guitar sublime sound.

This is drift away soundtrack at its best you can lose yourself inside this piece of ambient majesty.

The slow burn build is great as the track opens out at its finale that crystalline skylead just touching consciousness..

It’s a very well put together piece for sure Waveman and that final touch of lead guitar just enough to leave the listener thinking ....

02/10/18 10:47:01AM @waveman:
thanks for that cool comment vig
02/09/18 06:28:42PM @vig-wig:
Write on your waveness just like wricky said. You have produced a laundry basket of clean clothes that smells like baby powder and is as soft as an eider down pillow. Cats know what I mean. vic
01/05/18 11:03:43AM @waveman:
thankyou carol
carol sue
01/05/18 07:43:00AM @carol-sue:
You always create such wonderful listens~ so lovely this is!
07/01/17 03:44:48PM @wricky:
Bright and sombre musical quilt work, a refuge from the subwoofer driven noise that is everywhere in day to day life...Its the Thunderblanket for humans ...right on your most Waveness ~cheers!


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