its a mad world ft ricky

album: zany songs
genre: zany rock
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ed-arranging/instruments/vocals,lyrics....ricky-lead guitar I have space so its back for good ricky, and thanks man, havin a hoot is a real hoot, lol
its a mad world ft ricky
carol sue
07/09/18 08:49:54AM @carol-sue:
It's a mad world, for sure.. ::sigh:: lol (nicely written)
Fantastic tune with two very fine talents!!
You guys shine!! :)

07/08/18 08:24:15AM @waveman:
appreciate you stopping in Maureen, thanks and have a great day
07/07/18 11:20:32PM @moquinn:
heard this for the first time tonight on Mix Radio (with Bobby G. Moore AKA Bubba as DJ) it is a mad mad world ~ this is an awesome song that just gets better & better
07/07/18 02:21:43PM @waveman:
we thankyou farrell
Farrell Jackson
07/06/18 04:09:25PM @farrell-jackson:
Cool collab fellas! A big and meaty sound with great lyric Waveman. Also some fine guitar work Ricky!


07/06/18 12:52:48AM @waveman:
hey larry, thanks man, stay frosty
07/05/18 07:37:40PM @tlt50:
Fantastic collab guys. Ed, superb song structure, arranging, and production. Ricky is layin' down some sweet chops on the guitar. This could be an anthem song of sorts. :) I enjoyed the vocals and lyrics as well... ***** Well done!!~!

Larry T


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