Wild SaturDazed
Wild SaturDazed

Serial Killer

genre: Halloween 2009
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Our Halloween Song! Music Written By Saturated Guitars - Saturated & Dazed Bass - WildCherry Vocals - Dazed Lyrics - WildCherry, Saturated, & Dazed...
Serial Killer
09/21/10 10:57:06PM @tlt50:
AwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooo!!! The talents on this track amaze.Stellar...muscianship, songwritng.....and production.Rawkin'...track....killar' work...gents... !!
Oh yeah',vocals....lyrics....the whole experience... is WOW !!


Larry T*****

11/02/09 12:36:10PM @bigpete:
Hey Bud, Dazed, kickass rocker here, great track will be played long after Halloween for sure, and yes D you don't look like a serial killer but thats the most vicious kind. Great production guys
11/01/09 06:19:24AM @gary-hart:
Gotta say this is a rockin track! guitars tones are rock solid! Dazed your vocals are smokin here! Excellent tune guys!! -Gary-


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