Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

album: Demos
genre: Hard Rock
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Music written by Micah Long and Robert Wagenbrenner
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11/27/18 10:02:38AM @winters-resurrection:
We are definitely looking to stick vox on these demos, do not intend any of the WR stuff to be instrumentals. The problem is getting a singer/songwriter whose vision aligns with ours and has the style we want. We are trying though!
There is a musician on here named Shane. He may be putting out a version of this particular tune. He took this and did a re-arrangement and put his signature killer vox on it. Hopefully, he will drop his rendition out soon!

11/27/18 08:23:03AM @blacksxord:
Holy shit man! You boys are stellar! The music is no question smokes ass! YOU MUST find a vocals and get this stuff happening and published...there is a market for this top shelf music!! Gonna be honest here though and only my 2 cents's great to have a few instrumental pieces...but people will only listen to a certain amount of instrumental, it's just fact...these tunes are so brilliant...but require a vocalist to make it above and beyond!! Just amazing music needless to say! I'm a HUGE FAN!! Look forward to a vocalist added to these ROCK MONSTERS! PRO STUFF!


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