Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

#5 (work in progress)

album: Demos (Sans vocals)
genre: Rock
streams: 68

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Written by Michael Will
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© 2018 Winter's Resurrection
#5 (work in progress)
Barefoot Music
10/12/18 08:10:44AM @barefoot-music-group:
I kept waiting to hear Paul Rodgers bust out after what feels to me like some Paul Kossoff channeling going on with those brilliant guitar licks. Sublime WR!!
09/20/18 09:55:45AM @winters-resurrection:
hehehe, we appreciate the high praise Carol Sue =) It is the beginning of an idea for a song so it does not have any lyrics yet. When we have something like that, we just put them in numerical order... #1, #2, etc... ;)

We have alot of other stuff that we haven't "committed to tape" yet, we wanted to get the ones that were "complete" down first so a vocalist had some existing stuff to work with. However, although there are others song fragments floating around that have been around longer (this one is literally brand new), this one just felt really good to me so I tracked it first. Not sure when *the next tune* will start, we are kinda sifting through everything at this point.

God bless!

carol sue
09/20/18 06:57:55AM @carol-sue:
Absolutely brilliant~ and the proper title!

09/16/18 01:18:12AM @winters-resurrection:
New tune, no intro but the core of the song is there, place holder solos... Kinda reminds me a little of older Journey/Bad Company...
Updated a few things... enjoy!


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