Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Don't Shed a Tear

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 109

  Song Lyrics
DON’T SHED A TEARWritten by Robert Wagenbrenner Verse 1When I look into your eyes, I can see the pain You knew that it wouldn’t last, it’s over nowI knew...
  Song Information
Lead Vocals - Phillip Nissen Backup Vocals, All Guitars - Michael Will Keyboards, Percussion - Robert Wagenbrenner
Don't Shed a Tear
05/03/19 02:06:31PM @janeway:
Michael your acoustic chord progression here is deeply moving. really like it.!! You guys are totally complete now with such a magnificent singer. Phillip projects a very enjoyable music voice, with the un describable characteristics that define a huge record sales success and a dedicated fan base that waits eagerly for the next song / album. Also i'm aware that Robert's intuative musicianship and songwriting is a major part of the engine . One last thing , the lead guitar style here really clicks a familiar style that is so excellent, and that is the sound of Queensryche. In various ways , the overall style of WR music compares in my mind to QR.
tony cee
03/27/19 02:57:59PM @tony-cee:
very catchy song . super love the guitar work .....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/25/19 11:10:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done WR ! Great vox, guitar, keys, bass and has it all! The acoustic outro was icing on the cake...........


carol sue
03/25/19 08:43:35AM @carol-sue:
Something very special going on here!
~Bravo~ ---> ::encore:: ***** !!


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