Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Don't Shed a Tear

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
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  Song Lyrics
DON’T SHED A TEARWritten by Robert Wagenbrenner Verse 1When I look into your eyes, I can see the painYou knew that it wouldn’t last, it’s over nowI knew you...
  Song Information
Lead Vocals - Phillip Nissen Backup Vocals, All Guitars - Michael Will Keyboards, Percussion - Robert Wagenbrenner
Don't Shed a Tear
04/04/20 02:03:47PM @winters-resurrection:
Updated many things in this version.
This song will be one of four or five that we will have professionally mixed for our first release so there will not likely be any more updates to the demo version. The lead vocals HAVE been re-recorded for the upcoming EP so what you hear in this version is what Phillip performed for the EP.

Thanks for all the awesome comments, God bless!

05/03/19 02:06:31PM @janeway:
Michael your acoustic chord progression here is deeply moving. really like it.!! You guys are totally complete now with such a magnificent singer. Phillip projects a very enjoyable music voice, with the un describable characteristics that define a huge record sales success and a dedicated fan base that waits eagerly for the next song / album. Also i'm aware that Robert's intuative musicianship and songwriting is a major part of the engine . One last thing , the lead guitar style here really clicks a familiar style that is so excellent, and that is the sound of Queensryche. In various ways , the overall style of WR music compares in my mind to QR.
tony cee
03/27/19 02:57:59PM @tony-cee:
very catchy song . super love the guitar work .....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/25/19 11:10:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done WR ! Great vox, guitar, keys, bass and has it all! The acoustic outro was icing on the cake...........


carol sue
03/25/19 08:43:35AM @carol-sue:
Something very special going on here!
~Bravo~ ---> ::encore:: ***** !!


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