Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Black Widow Lover

album: With Friends...
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 89

  Song Lyrics
Black Widow Lover Written by Cindi Teseniar, Robert Wagenbrenner and Jim "Outlaw" Oldfield Behind a locked door, inside four dirty wallsThere is a...
  Song Information
Lead Vocals - Phillip Nissen Bass Guitar - Jim "Outlaw" Oldfield Backup Vocals and Percussion - Robert Wagenbrenner Backup Vocals and All Guitars - Michael...
Black Widow Lover
05/15/19 12:22:38PM @shane:
energetic -supercharged As always, Michael your guitar leads are just unbelievably fine. Black Widow Lover rocks, however, your new track, Twist of Fate, even blows away your own selves , LOL !
05/14/19 09:22:13AM @winters-resurrection:
The latest update (and all further updates) includes co-writer, Jim "Outlaw" Oldfield, playing bass.
Many thanks to Outlaw for his contributions as the opening, descending bass riff is his baby and sowed the seeds that blossomed into this hard hitting rocker. I must add that he cut this in one take, no punch-ins, overdubs, etc... a consummate professional!

Farrell Jackson
04/15/19 10:51:23AM @farrell-jackson:
A good hard rocker. Some fine, hard hitting guitars and the lyric/vocals fit the style real well. Well done!
tony cee
04/14/19 02:21:24PM @tony-cee:
nice rocker , superb.......tony cee
carol sue
04/14/19 10:04:54AM @carol-sue:
~Bravo~ :)


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