Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

Stand Up

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 64

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STAND UP(Robert Wagenbrenner, Michael Will) VERSE 1When the world wants to put you downAnd you fall to your kneesStrength will come from deep insideGet...
  Song Information
Phillip Nissen - Vocals Robert Wagenbrenner - Percussion, Backup Vocals Michael Will - All Guitars, Backup Vocals
Stand Up
01/22/20 09:14:28AM @winters-resurrection:
Really appreciate the comments, gentlemen. It is always a blessing to have people take some time out of their day to let us know what they think about our efforts. Thank you so much!


01/22/20 05:09:07AM @shane:
ok, WOW!. Guys, this track totally blows me away. Phillip and Robert nailed a killer vocal in this. The lead vocal is splendid, yet, further to that, the harmony vocal creates a sound that breaks this onto the elite level of the major big time excellent bands. Michael's guitar work is always so amazing that , well, it's just huge! your rythms, and leads are great enough to be shining for eternity it seems. Words here don't manage to say, this number is STELLAR !!!! NOTE: this song comment , is not meant to be a fat sloshy compliment . No compliments, just flat stating the facts. Rock on brothers!
Farrell Jackson
01/19/20 01:42:21PM @farrell-jackson:
This is an excellent song! It's very moving and inspirational. The recording, arrangement, mix and performances are outstanding. I like it all...well done!



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