Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva


album: Legions of Andromeda
genre: Unknown
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There are certain moments of your past that you'd prefer to forget. Mistakes that will haunt you forever and nothing or anyone could ever fix. Behaviours...
09/08/09 06:44:41PM @bigpete:
wow great soundscape, great production sounds real big lots of wideness to the mix, great arrangments and structure, look for it on my mixposure radio show, I've downloaded the three tracks to play on it, great stuff
09/23/08 03:38:23AM @emphyrio:
Mysterious and dark was coming into my mind when I heard the intro.
The Sytrus nicely blend into the melody.
Cool synth pads and texture.

Very well done. Please feed us more :)

Emphyrio :)


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